Some people want to know the time of day; others want to know what makes the watch tick.  For the past 20-years The ILTCI Conference has provided high level guidance and in-depth knowledge to thousands of professionals associated with the long-term/extended care community.  No other multidisciplinary industry gathering offers more to its attendees, exhibitors and sponsors and our 20th Conference is shaping-up to be our best.

What are the top aspects of The ILTCI Conference?

  • Provocative and entertaining general sessions;
  • More than 50 workshops & interactive workshops featuring hundreds of industry thought leaders;
  • Countless networking with opportunities

All of you reading this message understand the importance and relevance of our industry. Without expanding, vibrant and healthy private insurance markets the looming financial burdens of long-term care will fall heavily upon individuals and their families.  We have a say as to how this plays out for Americans.  We have a responsibility to help fill the monetary gap the costs of extended care present to people every day.

Please, join us in Denver, March 29-April 1, 2020.  We look forward to seeing you.