LTCG is a leading provider of administrative, actuarial, wellness and provider solutions designed to improve the financial and operational performance of long term care insurers. With over two decades of experience in this industry, the organization currently manages over one million policies and serves more than 90 insurers nationwide. LTCG is also the largest third-party claims payer in the market today, managing more than 50,000 active LTC claims. In 2017, LTCG purchased LifePlans, bringing together the top two claims and underwriting assessment companies servicing LTC carriers. Thanks to the combined strengths of both organizations, insurers now have access to the most reliable cognitive, face-to-face, tele-app and telephonic assessments available in the market today.

LTCG’s advanced data analytics, actuarial and risk management capabilities help carriers manage their business and develop emerging products such as hybrid life/long term care policies. The company also provides its customers with unique risk management insights built upon the industry’s largest claims and underwriting database. Finally, LTCG is actively working to reduce the costs of long term care through its innovative provider networking strategies, fraud reduction programs and proven wellness interventions.