Thank you for reading this inaugural ILTCI Newsletter. We are real excited as we prepare for the 20th annual conference in March, 2020. We are coordinating over 50 insightful, educational sessions: there will be something for everyone. Our Exhibit Hall will be thrumming each night with energy, food, drinks, and opportunity for you to meet old and new contacts.

I’m proud to announce our new ILTCI tagline: Inspire | Lead | Trust | Collaborate | Innovate

This message represents the ILTCI and our industry; we will keep it for years to come. These concepts need no introduction. We hope you see that they reflect our industry’s professionals and the values that our customers hold dear.

I will highlight my favorite of all of these: Trust. Our customers trust that we have their best interest in mind. Without that trust, everything else is meaningless. LTCI customers trust the integrity of their advisors and the longevity of insurance carriers. In times of claim our customers trust the swift and careful administration of the benefits they’ve paid for. There is implicit trust in each of the other professionals attending ILTCI, who work as part of the solutions for the nation’s growing long-term care and extended care needs.

And of course I trust that we will see you in March!

-Robert Eaton

Chairperson, 2020 ILTCI Conference